Friday, 27 January 2012

Trưởng thành - Grow up (in English)

It is said that everyone on over the world should be afraid of Americans because they do what they said. But the Americans are afraid of the Japaneses because they do first then say. But Japaneses should be afraid of Chineses because they said this thing and do another one.  However, the Chineses should be afraid of Vietnameses because we say many things and do nothing.
Dear fathers and brothers,

The story above maybe a little bit match the story of two sons Today Gospel has just told us. The meaning of the parable is so clear. None in the two sons are perfect child but the first is better because he obey his father by doing what he had demanded though he had said he did not like. Howevere, I want to stop to thing about the atitude of the two sons. When the father demand The first son imediately said “I don’t like”. I think that is what happen in his mind. In the early morning, the father said “Today, you go to do my vineyard” while he prepare for something else. His answer is reseanable, it match his feeling. He could have explained: “I’m sorry, I had my own plan, I have to go out with my friend, I have a meeting in my company, I have to look after my wife, maybe tomorrow or nextweek I will go to do your vineyard. And my plan is so importance, I’m sorry”.  However, his heart start to work instead of his brain, the truth instead of the right, love instead of reason. He feel all things his father has gaven to him, most of things he has are from his father, even his life. These things are one billion times bigger than his own plan. He loves his father so much and he feel sorry for his atitude. He decide to do his father’s order with the whole heart, the whole mind and the whole strengthen.
How about the second son? We can see he answer his father very repectly and very quickly: “Certainly, sir”. He call his father “Sir”. All of us feel comfortable and satified with these words and other promise and many of us love to satify others with a lot of promises. That is something happen in our culture, Viet Nam’s culture. I think this man don’t like to go to do his father’s vineyard at the time he answer his father he would. He think that his answer makes his father happy and he will get some favor from him. Also, all the time we try to make others feel comfortable with our promises so that we can get their favor. Morover, we think it is enough for them. And then, we is so busy with showing promises that we has no time to act them out.
The difference between the two mans is that: the first speak out what he think and what he feel, and then reflect when he feel something wrong; the second say something do not happen in his feelings and forget it immediately.
Allmighty Farther, whenever we are divided in ourselves, whenever inside and outside of us is divided, there is a big different between what we speak out and what we think or what we feel, we haven’t been grown enough to be full personality.
Lord, our God, fine words can not replace fine deeds, outside respect can not hide inside thought and feeling. Please help us to be faithful to you and to ourselves so that we grow up in your grace and love. Amen.

 (Mt 21, 28-32)

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