Saturday, 29 November 2014

ARE YOU A FOOL LIKE HIM? Cậu cũng GÀN như ông cha?

Pupils: Good afternoon father.
Father: Good afternoon boys. Can I help you?
Pupils: Yes, father. Can we borrow your device? We want to browse the internet.
Father: Ok. Here you are.
Pupils: Thanks.
Father: What are you looking for?
Pupils: The best university in the world.
Father: Hold on, my boys. Can you manage to get there?
Pupil 2: I don’t know.
Father: Listen! Look for the best one in your country and try to be the best student.
Pupils: Sorry father, but did you get it?
Father: I’ve to say “Yes”.
Pupils: What did you do? Tell us the secret, please?
Father: I went to class every day, took a back seat, hid myself behind a big mate, made myself comfortable and slept.
Pupil 1: What rust!

You are lying!
Father: Relax! The core hasn’t come up yet. I tried to get very good books, read, read and read! Then kept quiet, kept thinking and kept thinking ! That’s all! Go and be yourselves!
Pupil 2: Come on! We don’t need professors, right? Why don’t we stay at home and read such books?
Father: Right and wrong! You don’t need professors but they need you. They need your presence to be paid. And you also need to be counted as a student. Then at the end of the day, you are given a certificate to repay your parents for their desires. Finally, burn it and follow your own passion.
Pupil 3: What’s wrong with this man?
Pupil 1: Such a fool! Let’s go!
Pupil 2: Ok. But I feel there’s something correct.
Pupil 1: Correct? Are you also a fool like him?
Pupil 2: I don’t know but I found something new and different.

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