Monday, 6 June 2016


10th Sunday of ordinary time
1 Kgs 17, 17-24
Gal 1,11-19
Lk 7: 11-17
(Simple ideas for homily / Ý tưởng chia sẻ)


God rises two sons of two widow from death.
Who are widows? - Inactive-economic state, helpless, powerless. If something happens, they only cry. They fear many things: anybody can harm them, witchcraft, zuzu (enchantment), lack of food, sickness, death...
They present for human race, for all of us. We all are widows. We are helpless, powerless, fear many things.
- We are helpless, powerless:

Did you go to farm last week? Could you plant maize? Millet? - No, for there was no rain!
If there is no rain for one year, can you go somewhere to bring water to water the farms? Or even to drink?
If somebody gets cancer, HIV, what can you do? any doctor can cure her or him?
- We fear many things:
Do you fear famine? Sickness? Accidents? Death?
- We can only cry, mourn:
Facing famine, sickness, death, what can we do? Crying, mourning!
=> We are widows. The widows today present man kind. We would do the same as what the widows in today's readings are doing, if something like that happens to us! We can not do much to help ourselves.
But the important things is not what we can do for ourselves, it is what God does for us.

- What did God do for the two poor widows?
1. "Give me your son" Elijah said. He stretched his hands on the child three times and prayed for the child. He brought the child to his mother saying: "See, Your son lives."
Do you send your 'death son" (troubles, problems, pains, sufferings, ...) to ministers in the church so that they would pray for 'him'? Elijah was appointed by God at his time, for his the Jews. Bishops, priests, religious men and women, catechists, ... are appointed by God here and now for you.
Do not bring your problems to any zuzu man, diviner or traditional priest.
 => Give God your 'son': your problems, difficulties, troubles. Anh He will tell you: "Your son lives! Your problems solved, your troubles finished!"
2. "Do not cry" Jesus said to the widow. He touched the coffin, said "Young man, arise". He gave him to his mother.
=> Listen to God. He is saying to you: "Do not cry!, Do not fear!"
=> Allow Him to touch your "coffin" (pains and sufferings), He will heal your wounds and give you peace, joy and happiness!
Do not cry, do not fear, run to God with your troubles and pains, you will come back with joyfulness and happiness!
Why do you still fear witchcraft, zuzu, famine, sickness, death?
Do not fear, do not cry! Run to God, give Him your fears, sufferings, allow Him to touch your problems and everything will be solved, all fears and sufferings will disappear, joy and happiness will be given to you. Amen.

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