Monday, 5 May 2014


Peter Loan: Father Francis, I would like to watch the guys playing football.

Francis: It is ok, I walk alone and when I come back I will call you.

Peter Loan: Good evening!

Daneyl (watching the match): Good evening!

Peter Loan: Can you play football?

Daneyl: Yes.

Peter Loan: You play well?

Daneyl: Yes.

Peter Loan: My name is Peter. And yours?

Daneyl: Daneyl.

Peter Loan: Daniel?

Daneyl: No, Daneyl.

Peter Loan: Can you spell?

Daneyl: D-A-N-E-Y-L.

Peter Loan: Yes. Where is your home?

Daneyl: Over there.

Peter Loan: How many people in your family?

Daneyl: I don’t know, I … can’t count.

Peter Loan: How many brothers and sisters?

Daneyl: Four.

Peter Loan: So, four brothers and sisters, then you, your mother, your father, all are seven. And then?

Peter Loan: My aunt,

Daneyl: Oh!!!

Peter Loan: What class are you in?

Daneyl: Three.

Peter Loan: And what is your dream?

Daneyl: Pardon?

Peter Loan: What is your dream? You want to be a doctor, a teacher or …?

Daneyl: Bank manager.

Peter Loan: You want to earn much money?

Daneyl: Yes.

Peter Loan: And what for?

Francis: Peter!

Peter Loan: Yes. Goodbye Daneyl (sack hand).

Daneyl: Goodbye.

Peter Loan: And good luck!

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