Thursday, 3 July 2014

- Good evening!
- Good evening!
- Why are you seating here alone? Where are your friends?
- .....

- Speak English, please. I can't speak Jui.
- Why you are stupid that much? My aunt said that I had spoken when I was not even two years old.
- Where is your mother?

- Died for a long time.
- Oh. I am sorry. You know I am not stupid as you think, I spoke Vietnamese when I was not even two.
- Why did you learn Vietnamese? Everyone speaks Jui but teachers in schools and mad fathers in Churches who speak English. No one speaks Vietnamese.
- My parents and friends do.
- You have friends? Why don't you stay there with them? For what did you come here?
- I want to have more friends. Can we be friends?
- No. The women in market places say that Chinese aren't good at all.
- Just some of them, my dear. The rest are so good. I have a brother as friend, whom I will introduce to you later.
- Father! What kind of complexion does your God have? The God in my church has dark complexion, and the one father Daniel showed us was fair. There are many gods, aren't they?
- No. Only one God. However, it is cool in Europe so that his complexion is fair. When He comes to Africa his becomes dark because of the hot weather. And it may not rain and shine regularly in my home land and his is orange.
So, if I go to Europe, will my complexion be fair?
Oh, ... I think no.
Ah... I ... don't know, but let me ask God.
Are you praying?
Yes. You should ask him, too.
What did he tell you?
Nothing, father.
Me, too. I couldn't hear clearly, he seemed to say that to him all were the same.
Hopeless! I'm going to play football.
Can I partake?
No. They think you are Chinese.
... Oh...

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